With over 30 years experience, we've learnt that anything is possible

Our mission is to provide our customers with stunning jewellery that will make them feel confident and fabulous, all while supporting our sustainable practices.

Diamond in the rough

Our founder, Kish Vasa, started in the diamond trade. From assessing the quality of diamonds to creating beautiful necklaces, rings and earrings for the most discening customers.

Quickly however, he realised that wanted to make high end premium jewellery more accessible both in terms of price and availability.

That's the foundations of Krystal London. He began designing and manufacturing fashion jewellery as white label products for several high street chains and quickly formed a reputation as a reliable supplier focussed on quality.

We Can, We Will

At our core, we have always handcrafted fashion jewellery in London for other high street retail brands. However, just prior to the 2008 Financial Crisis we were presented with an opportunity to fill a huge gap in the market.

Krystal London stepped out of our comfort zone to try and bring our designs to the market and the response was incredible. The whirlwind journey to add a retail division to Krystal London had officially begun.

Even through the most difficult times, we have found a way to create a sustainable brand for our customers.

Into the future

Over 35 years ago, we set out to make high end, handcrafted fashion jewellery accessible to all. We started making this jewellery in London, we still do, and we always will.

We are looking at other ways that we can utilise our jewellery and create a lifestyle brand. From accessories to homewares, keep your eyes peeled for much, much more!